Eirene: Disrupting Deathcare Through Technology

Mallory Greene, CEO of Eirene explains the complementary relationship of technology and tradition.

“For Eirene as a business, it’s always been about that continuation of support, whether it’s us offering it, or trusted partners like Cadence.”

Mallory Greene, Eirene Cremations, Canada
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Company Experience

In an industry where tradition has often been considered an asset, Eirene has quickly established itself as a key player and innovative leader in cremation. Derived from the Latin word meaning peace, Eirene uses a digital platform to provide a streamlined cremation process complete with human touch points that maintain connection and clarity when families need it most. Beyond cutting edge technology, the company is built on compassion and care at its core. Through their unique process, Eirene is able to combine the convenience of online accessibility, quality service at an affordable rate, and support through every step. 

Their timely launch amid the pandemic coincided with a consumer shift toward digital products and convenience, providing Eirene with the prime opportunity to excel in the market. Nearly three years later, Eirene is simplifying the arrangement process for Canadians by quickly expanding across the country with locations in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. By leveraging technology and continuous care with the help of Cadence, Eirene is easing the end-of-life process in a way that meets the needs of evolving generations and consumer behaviors.

Personal Experience

One could say that Mallory Greene was destined for deathcare. With her father working in the funeral service for over thirty years and her mother a long-time hospice nurse, Mallory gained a unique outlook on life from a young age. Her comfort in difficult conversations and understanding that life is finite came together to build a foundation for Eirene. Having built her career as a founding member of Wealthsimple, she swiftly mastered the intricacies of constructing a thriving, billion-dollar business from the ground up. Her tenacity in tech, thorough understanding of funeral service, and passion for creating meaningful change for those who are grieving have allowed for Eirene to flourish into the growing success it is today.

Disrupting Deathcare

With the pandemic accelerating the need for online arrangements, there is now an ever-growing population looking for care that’s both accessible and reflective of their loved one’s individuality. Being the first digital cremation service in Canada, Eirene has been able to quickly capture a market with preferences toward cremation while simultaneously crafting a solution to the overwhelming arrangement process.

The Eirene Experience

Through personable service enabled by technology, Mallory takes pride in the ease and high quality of Eirene’s arrangement process. Once a loved one passes, the first step in the traditional process is to make an arrangement face-to-face with a funeral director, begin signing large amounts of documentation, and choose urns or burial details– all within 24-48 hours.

“The goal of Eirene is to give you back more time to grieve your loss and spend time with whoever is important to you after a death.” 

At Eirene, the bereaved family initiates the arrangement process either via Eirene's user-friendly website or by calling the company’s relevant provincial operation partner. An assigned funeral director in their locality will then collect their loved one for cremation at an Eirene facility, treating them with the same care and respect as they would their own family. The family can then conveniently complete any necessary paperwork online from their home, before the remains of their loved one are personally delivered to them by an Eirene funeral director or death doula.

Providing Peace Of Mind

Mallory emphasizes that while they leverage technology for convenience, the human touch in service will always be irreplaceable. Recognizing the influential role of younger generations in driving change within the industry, Eirene caters to their needs without alienating other demographics.

As further means of differentiation and innovation, Eirene departed from the muted colors and Victorian designs typically seen in deathcare, instead opting for soft, pastel colors in their branding. With a distinctive purple, their brand amplifies calmness to a grieving client base. This unique approach resonated deeply with families, further solidifying Eirene's position as a disruptive force in the deathcare profession.

The 3 Pillars

1. Accessibility & Affordability

Eirene's online platform allows them to serve clients in remote areas or those with chronic disabilities, who may not be able to access traditional services. Their pricing is also positioned below the cost of conventional funeral services due to reduced overhead from ceremonies and property expenses, thus allowing for package options that optimize value for money.

2. Simplification

During an extremely difficult and confusing time, families are looking for honesty and clarity that their loved one is in the best of care. Mallory explains that on average,  people complete only 1.5 arrangements in their life, meaning they are often being thrown into the process. To ease the burden, Eirene ensures information is presented clearly with a flat fee vs. typical drip pricing.

3. Flexibility

Decisions about cremation and burial must be made quickly. At Eirene, you can take a step back and choose how you want to commemorate your loved one, there’s no pressure to immediately plan a service. Eirene's team also streamlines administrative tasks by completing as much immediate paperwork as possible, creating a seamless and supportive experience for families.

Benefits brought by Cadence

Eirene is dedicated to providing continuous support to families past the delivery of their loved one’s remains. Noticing that the burden of estate settlement was just around the corner for their families, Mallory searched for a solution that would not only feel like an extension of their brand, but provide the same high standard of support their clients were used to. As a fellow Canadian based company with a compelling mission, Mallory was naturally drawn to the practical aftercare solution that is Cadence. 

“When we thought about partners, it had to feel like an extension of our brand. And Cadence felt like that for us.”

With Cadence providing the aftercare extension to Eirene’s compassionate arrangement process, families are able to easily simplify and reduce the burden from tasks involved with post-death requirements. When families receive their loved one’s remains, the Eirene representative, whether doula or funeral director, will provide them guidance through Cadence to easily begin estate settlement. Cadence is able to elevate Eirene’s top of the line offerings and give their families a resource of continuous support.

“The seamless integration into what Eirene offers is a huge value-add to our families.”

Eirene has received glowing reviews from their clients regarding the ability to stay organized with a personalized checklist, receive reminders of necessary account closures, and easily complete necessary notifications all on one digital platform. The ability to continue the process online after the Eirene arrangement has allowed for a more comfortable and familiar experience during an unfamiliar time. 

“I don’t think families understand how there is a lot of work involved in estate administration when you don’t have support like Cadence to really guide you through it.”

Mallory is committed to maintaining connections and unending care with the families they serve. Being the first person that a family consults after a death, there’s a bond that forms between clients and staff. With certified executor support dedicated to finding solutions and providing accurate resources, Eirene is confident entrusting their families in Cadence’s hands. No matter how complicated the estate or lengthy the process, Cadence is prepared to support families for as long as they need. For Mallory and the funeral professionals at Eirene, it's always a pleasure to refer families to Cadence for an exceptional aftercare experience.

With consumer demands evolving, Eirene has managed to stay ahead of the curve and provide a deathcare service like never before, including a dignified online interface and personable touch points that extend well beyond cremation. Cadence provides a practical solution to aftercare and the notorious challenge of estate settlement. Through seamless online integration, clients using Cadence experience an effortless extension to the Eirene brand complete with knowledgeable support every step of the way. Eirene’s impactful partnership with Cadence is rapidly expanding across Canada and Mallory hopes that other funeral services will see the same benefits: “Our support continues after we deliver the remains. Cadence is just a really easy sell.” 

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