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Where we've come from, how we are doing, and where we plan to go.

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Begin ID: The Cadence Executive. Rachel on the left, Krystian in the middle, and Rachelle on the right. End ID.
Rachel Drew, Founder & CEO, Krystian Olszanski, Co-Founder & CTO, Rachelle Perron, Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor

How Cadence started

After experiencing first-hand the difficulties of settling her mother's estate, Rachel Drew founded Cadence with the mission to make this process easier for those in similar circumstances. Drawing on 8 years' worth of experience as a hospice volunteer and executor advisor, she understands how critical it is for families to take care of their estate settlement matters during what can be an especially vulnerable time.

Cadence was supported with incredible enthusiasm by the Canadian technology community. An early success, they made history as one of the select few (and first Saskatchewan-based) companies accepted into Google Cloud Accelerator and multiple other prestigious programs providing support for their rapidly growing business. 

Today, the Cadence team is proud to be working in collaboration with a variety of specialized professionals and organizations, such as law firms, funeral homes, financial advisors and bereavement specialists. Together they are helping families navigate the difficult journey after loss by providing much-needed support through every step.

Our mission

To bring simplicity, clarity and compassion to the estate planning and settlement process.

Our vision

To revolutionize the way the world manages death.

Our values

Focusing on people

We are a tech-enabled company, backed by compassionate and expert humans. We understand that estate settlement can be logistically and emotionally complicated, and we are committed to ensuring clients have access to real human support when they need it.


We see our customers as partners working with us to solve a complex social problem. When possible, we engage with partners and end-users to develop research findings, improve products, and join in our advocacy efforts.


We strive to empower families, estate planners, executors, and professionals to better understand the estate process, proactively plan for end-of-life and effectively tackle the steps required after a death.


We believe everyone deserves help with logistics that follow loss, regardless of their income levels, backgrounds, locations and abilities. We are committed to developing innovative business models and products that give us the power to reach as many people as possible.