Estate Experts: Our Certified Support Team

Written by

Amy Liebaert

From managing documents to understanding legal requirements, the estate settlement process can be a complex and emotionally overwhelming experience for executors. However, at Cadence, personalized support for families will always be a top priority. Our exceptional Client Support team understands that estate settlement is not just about the documents; it's about supporting you through the grieving process and ensuring a smooth transition during this challenging time. Join us as we explore the power of customized support and how it can make all the difference in your executor journey.

Meet The Team

Our Client Support team plays a crucial role in ensuring the best experience for families throughout the estate settlement process. Led by our Support Specialist, Nina Drew and Client Success Manager, Melissa Perepelkin, our team goes above and beyond to provide exceptional support and guidance.

About Nina & Melissa

Nina's background in psychology and counseling equips her with the necessary skills to navigate difficult conversations, especially regarding loss. Joining Cadence felt like a natural progression for her career, as it allows her to further develop her expertise and support families during challenging times.

Melissa’s passion for people and building meaningful relationships aligns perfectly with Cadence's mission. The opportunity to assist grieving individuals in navigating the complexities of estate settlement enables Melissa to make a positive impact and foster mutually beneficial partnerships within a compassionate team environment at Cadence.

Certified Support

At Cadence, we believe in providing families with the best possible support and guidance throughout the estate settlement process. That's why our Client Support team holds qualifications that truly set them apart.

Both Melissa and Nina have obtained certification from the Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors (CICEA). As there is no equivalent certification in the United States, we have established a strong network of professional partners, including attorneys and accountants, across North America. This ensures that our families, no matter their geographic location, receive the support they require from trusted sources. Having this certification and network enables Melissa, Nina, and the entire Client Support team to be a reliable resource for families. Estate administration can be complicated and lengthy, but with in-depth knowledge of the intricacies and complexities involved, Cadence advisors can confidently provide families with tailored assistance. Our business partners can also trust that when they make referrals to Cadence, their families will be in capable hands.

A Day-to-Day Glimpse

  • Extending Your Service: To assist families beyond the funeral, our trusted funeral partners seamlessly hand off their families to Cadence and the Client Support team. Nina and Melissa then call families to introduce themselves, provide an overview of our services, and ensure they are able to begin the administration process with a greater level of confidence and continuous support.
  • Estate Expertise: One of the primary responsibilities of our Client Support team is answering estate settlement questions or addressing concerns while speaking directly with families. Acting almost like firefighters, Nina and Melissa are ready to tackle any challenges that arise for our clients. 
  • Training Resources: In addition to supporting families, our Client Support team also checks in with our valued business partners. They provide these partners with the necessary tools, training, and support they need to ensure that their families receive optimal care and attention throughout the settlement process.
  • Enhancing Family Experiences: Through the gathering of valuable feedback, Client Support is able to influence new tools and improvements made to Cadence. By listening to families’ needs and suggestions, Nina, Melissa, and the entire team ensure that Cadence evolves in ways that truly benefit our families.

How We Help

Dedicated to providing comprehensive advice and support throughout the executor journey, our Client Support team is readily accessible through various channels such as live chat, scheduled phone calls, virtual appointments, or email. This ensures that families can reach out for guidance whenever they need it. No matter the contact method, our team patiently guides families through Cadence, ensuring they understand the process and feel confident as they navigate and complete tasks. 

When families have specific questions or concerns, our team goes above and beyond to provide thorough support. They conduct in-depth research, gathering relevant information and insights, to  deliver a detailed response tailored to the family’s query. In cases where families have legal or financial inquiries that require specialized expertise, our team refers them to relevant and trusted professionals.

Going Above & Beyond

To ensure everyone receives the personalized attention they need, the team takes the time to fully understand each family’s situation, comfort level with technology, and boundaries of those who are experiencing grief. They also prioritize patience and recognize the varying needs of those new to the executor process. No matter the situation, the team is ready to listen and provide support in a compassionate and understanding manner.

Both Melissa and Nina strive to address all inquiries thoroughly, making sure to gather all necessary information so families leave with a sense of clarity rather than unanswered questions. In addition to their immediate support, the team ensures follow-ups and referrals whenever necessary. The team at Cadence ardently believes that families should receive ongoing assistance as they progress through their executor journey. 

Some families simply need an ear to listen and reassurance that they are effectively carrying out their responsibilities on behalf of their loved ones. Nina expresses her willingness to lend an ear for as long as needed, recognizing that an exchange of empathy and trust can help alleviate the uneasiness during the executor experience. On the other hand, some families share stories about their departed loved ones while navigating the learning curve of executor responsibilities. Melissa emphasizes the lasting impact of listening to these stories and building connections with families over several months, which greatly impacts the pride she feels from her work. 

It is important to note that feeling overwhelmed and isolated during the executor process is not uncommon. However, with the personalized roadmap featured in Cadence’s Executor Assistantfamilies can focus on specific parts of the process instead of being overwhelmed by a lengthy to-do list. To complement these tools, the Cadence support team is here to offer guidance every step of the way. Here's what our team suggests:

"Do one thing at a time and avoid overwhelming yourself with the entire task list. You'll make progress faster than you realize and experience the satisfaction of checking off each item." - Nina

"Take your time and give yourself space to grieve. Estate settlement can take months to complete. Besides urgent matters, the rest of the tasks can wait. Your well-being and that of your family should be prioritized." - Melissa


The role of our Client Support team at Cadence is multifaceted and vital. From being the first point of contact for families, providing personalized assistance throughout the settlement process, to continuously improving our product offerings and supporting our business partners, Nina and Melissa play an integral part in delivering exceptional service and ensuring a seamless experience for families. Their dedication to their roles and ability to bring about positive change during challenging times have resulted in numerous glowing reviews:

Cadence has been so helpful and professional in dealing with the estate of my mother-in-law. They responded immediately to queries and we felt that they always went the extra mile for us.” - Almereau P.

Cadence was a lifesaver. The team of people were professional, kind and compassionate. They were there when I was ready to deal with the business aspect of my mother’s death.” - Christine L.

I received excellent service from my advisor. She was very easy to speak to and answered all my questions. I would recommend Cadence to anyone dealing with a loss.” - Travis B.

Cadence’s commitment to providing genuine and personalized support to families remains unwavering. Through our innovative Executor Assistant and exceptional Client Support team, executors and deathcare providers experience an unmatched level of ease. Connect with a Cadence representative today to book your free consultation and discover how our services provide families with the support they deserve.

Interview with Melissa Perepelkin and Nina Drew.