Planning Ahead for Individuals

Gain confidence by organizing your affairs ahead of time

Give those closest to you peace-of-mind and security as a lasting legacy.

Cadence helps you to

Complete the steps to put your affairs in order
Gather key information & documents
Keep your information up-to-date
Plan a secure
hand-off to your executor
Collaborate with professionals to plan ahead

What Sets Cadence Apart

Features built for you and your loved ones

Cadence unites families and friends to collaborate like never before - allowing you to plan and manage end-of-life transitions smoothly.

User-friendly design

We pride ourselves on accessible language, design, and navigation, so that anyone can use our platform, no matter what their device.

Expert, human support

Our expert advisors are here to get you started, connect you with vetted professionals who will help take the reins of difficult tasks.

Secure sharing

Cadence supports ongoing connection between professionals and clients, so you can plan in a collaborative, communicative way.

Cloud-based data storage

Have the ease and convenience of accessing vital information at your fingertips. No downloads or updates necessary.

How it works


Add essential information

Gather the important pieces of your life in one place: account and ID numbers, key documents, and passwords. We’ll take this and create a personalized roadmap that will help your loved ones navigate through any difficulties if something were to happen to you.


Set up your contacts

Create an exclusive roster of the most important contacts in your life- both professionally and personally. 


Plan your hand-off

Designate a Successor to inherit your account information in the event of your death. This person can then use your information to settle your estate

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