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Grow your business while helping clients plan ahead

Cadence facilitates meaningful conversations with your clients by helping them plan for the future.
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Cadence helps your clients to:

Complete the steps to put their affairs in order
Gather key information & documents
Keep information up-to-date
Plan a secure hand-off to their executor
Collaborate with professionals

What sets Cadence apart

An easy-to-use tool for planning ahead

Cadence offers your clients step-by-step guidance for organizing their affairs, so that every asset, every account, all important information is documented, up-to-date and organized. 

Bank-level security features

Two-factor authentication, data encryption, cloud-based hosting services with industry-leading providers mean you can rest easy knowing clients’ data is private and secure.

Resources for onboarding staff

We offer complementary marketing assets featuring your brand, like printable two-page explainers and landing pages. Your staff can also access online webinars and resources showcasing our tools.

Intuitive business dashboard

Invite clients with the click of a button. Easily edit or change permissions. API integrations mean that business users can avoid repetitive sign-ins and duplicate data entry. 

Seamless handoff to the executor

Planning is half the battle of estate settlement. Through our end-to-end solution, you can encourage your clients to plan ahead and give their executor the tools they need.

How it Works


Invite clients through the business dashboard

Invite clients and track invitations through the Cadence business dashboard, which you can access simply by logging on to a website.


Clients work through the planner at their own pace

Your client proceeds through the app at their own pace, adding relevant information about accounts, IDs, key documents, and password locations. In the process, they’ll learn why each piece of information is important and how it would be used in the event of their death.


Review the plan together

Working together, you and your client assess their plan on a regular basis to pinpoint any potential issues or opportunities. Through ongoing collaboration, they can stay the course for achieving their financial goals.

Who we serve


Maximize your impact by focusing on your specialized services.
Funeral Homes
Financial Advisors


Feel secure knowing your responsibilities are handled confidently, quickly, and reliably.
I'm planning ahead
I'm settling an estate

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