Are Online Wills Safe?

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Amy Liebaert

Are Online Wills Safe?

Creating a will is a crucial part of planning for your future and ensuring that your final wishes are executed. However, many people delay creating their wills due to the nature of the topic, potential costs, or the time it takes to sit down with a lawyer. In this blog, we will explore the advantages of online will services and their level of legitimacy. We'll also touch on our Legacy Planner, a helpful tool to assist you as you embark on your pre-planning journey.

Addressing Concerns

By creating a will, you take the responsibility of ensuring that your assets are distributed to the right people in your absence. If you pass away without a will, your family will be burdened with the task of piecing together your final wishes during an already difficult time (Duffy, 2021). This legally binding document will also help to minimize disputes, ensuring that assets are divided as per your preference, which is especially important if there are individuals looking to inherit specific assets or heirlooms (AARP, 2019).

A common question surrounding online wills is their safety and legality. However, online wills are valid as long as they are dated, signed, printed, and also signed by two unbiased/non-beneficiary witnesses (Duffy, 2021). The most crucial aspect of creating a legally binding online will is to ensure that all formalities are followed and that the will meets state requirements, such as being of legal age and of sound mind (AARP, 2019). Following these guidelines, online wills are a safe and effective way to ensure your final wishes are followed.

The Benefits of Online Wills

1. Inexpensive

Rather than hiring a lawyer or notary, which is often costly, online wills can provide you with the tools you need for a much more reasonable cost. Without the need to rebook appointments with legal professionals, online wills eliminate additional fees and allow for easy amendments (Duffy, 2021).

2. Convenient

Online services allow users to create a will from the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule (Willful, 2023). Users can typically complete the process in a matter of minutes, offering a streamlined way for people to plan their future. With the final legal document generated immediately after completion, it’s ready to be printed, signed, and stored for years to come.

3. User Friendly

Online will services guide users through the process of creating a will with straightforward instructions and intuitive questionnaires, ensuring that all necessary content is included (Willful, 2023). These services often provide users with helpful resources and personalized support to address any questions or concerns. Overall, online will services make the process of creating a will accessible and approachable for everyone.

4. Timely

Without the need to schedule appointments or travel to a legal office, online wills save users the time and hassle that coincides with the traditional process. Some interfaces guide you through the drafting process in as little as 20 minutes (Willful, 2023). As life evolves, users can easily return to make changes in minutes.


Online wills can be a safe, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to planning for the future and ensuring that your final wishes are executed without hassle or confusion. When creating a will online, don’t hesitate to choose an established platform that offers excellent customer service and ease of use. Pre-planning with our Legacy Planner can also be helpful in ensuring all your assets and documents are up-to-date throughout your lifetime. Remember, it's never too early to start thinking about your legacy.

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