Bōde Launches Strategic Partnership with Cadence

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Bōde Launches Strategic Partnership with Cadence

Cadence is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Canadian real estate tech firm, Bōde. Bōde democratizes the real estate process, allowing users to buy or sell properties without the touch of any third party. A sense of control is delivered back to the user, giving them complete autonomy of pricing, negotiations, and more.

A perfect match for Cadence, this partnership will enable those who are dealing with the selling of an inherited property complete control of the selling process. When a home has sentimental value, restoring a sense of autonomy back to the inheritor can make the process far less stressful, if the right supports are provided. Bōde's software will provide Cadence users every support they could possibly need, from lawyers to home inspectors and everything in between.

Read the press release below:

Bōde launches partnership with Cadence to simplify real estate sale after a loved one passes

Online services can ease worry and transparency of estate settlement

Selling a home after a loved one passes can be an emotional and time-consuming task. But, taking control of the process through Bōde’s online real estate marketplace can make it a lot less stressful. Bōde is proud to announce a new partnership with the online estate settlement service, Cadence.

The partnership enables anyone using Cadence to have the option to sell their estate property using Bōde’s online marketplace and without the services of a real estate agent.

While some may question the level of ease provided by online services during a time of grief, a Certified Executor Advisor says the straightforward nature of online services actually makes it less complicated and confusing.

“We want the families we work with to have access to supports and tools that make selling an inherited home as seamless as possible,” says Rachelle Perron, RN, Certified Executor Advisor and co-founder of Cadence. “We partnered with Bōde to bring simplicity and clarity to this complicated task, and save families money during the estate settlement process.”

Bōde was founded in 2019 and is currently licensed to sell homes in Alberta and most of BC, with plans to expand across Canada in the next two years. The growing popularity of online transactions and the unprecedented access to market comparables and data makes selling your own home online easier than ever before. Bōde only charges the seller a simple 1% fee, capped at a max of $10K, once a property has sold.

“We’ve noticed an increasing number of people involved in estate sales using our online service,” says Alan Kelly, Bōde’s Chief Revenue Officer. “They tell us that family members involved in settling the estate feel fully informed because they all have their own account linked to the property. And, they want to do what’s in the family’s best interest, so saving 50% of traditional commission fees is really attractive to them.”

Both Bōde and Cadence offer online compassionate support to help make the process of estate settlement easier. A family member or executor can be fully supported by the team to get any answers they have, when blended with a fully online service creates an exceptional customer experience.

Ultimately, it’s about making the difficult bereavement process just a little bit easier by taking the bureaucracy, paperwork and multiple emails and phone conversations out of the equation. “Grieving the loss of a loved one can be very difficult and disorienting. The ‘old way’ of doing things is no longer the best way,” says Kelly. Cadence is also a preferred provider in Bōde’s Prō Marketplace, which connects buyers and sellers to complementary real estate services. 

About Bōde:

Bōde is Alberta’s first real estate marketplace and a smarter way to buy and sell a home. Bōde is reimagining real estate with an intuitive, universal platform that gives everybody with an index finger the ability to control their real estate destiny.

About Cadence:

Cadence is a digital executor assistant, supported by Certified Executor Advisors. When a loved one dies, dealing with the next steps can be overwhelming and stressful. Cadence is designed to help people navigate the process and tackle estate settlement tasks.

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