Collaborative Capabilities: Our New Multi-User Feature

Written by

Amy Liebaert

Collaboration can be invaluable to the executor experience.

Losing a loved one is a difficult time that comes with its fair share of challenges. From administrative duties to emotional support, the responsibilities of an executor can feel overwhelming. At Cadence, we understand these complexities and are committed to making the executor experience as seamless as possible. We believe that our new Multi-User Collaboration feature brings us closer to that goal, enabling clients to navigate the often complex world of estate settlement with the support of your trusted network.

What is Multi-User Collaboration?

The Executor Assistant, our online estate settlement service, has already been providing certified, practical support to executor clients. Now with Multi-User Collaboration, we take it a step further. Designed to enhance your executor journey, our latest addition to the Executor Assistant empowers clients to work with family members, co-executors, and trusted professionals throughout their executor journey. Through streamlined communication, users can offer advice and further management of the administrative tasks that follow a loss.

About the Addition

One of the key features within Multi-User Collaboration is the ability for end users to invite their loved ones to join them on the platform. By involving family members, co-executors, and even trusted professionals, executors no longer have to shoulder the entire burden alone, even if they are the ones who need to sign off on final documents. Tackling estate settlement as a team means that the weight of responsibility is shared, allowing for a more cohesive and efficient journey. Executors can now find solace in the fact that they have the support and assistance of their trusted network every step of the way.

The features of Multi-User Collaboration extend beyond the executor themselves. This addition also allows our valued Cadence business partners to extend their service reach beyond the executor. Our partners can now serve entire families, creating valued connections and fostering stronger relationships in the process. This expansion of services not only enhances the overall experience for all parties involved but also opens up possibilities for additional support, guidance, and pre-need services.

How It Works

To collaborate with others, simply navigate to the “Collaborators” tab in the Executor Assistant side menu and “invite” a Collaborator using their email address. They will receive an invitation through their email, granting them access to the Executor Assistant program. From here, any collaborator can see detailed instructions, mark tasks complete, and easily fill forms and letters.

The Benefits

The role of an executor is renowned for its challenges, leaving nearly one third of executors feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about their responsibilities. On top of that, 44% of executors experience stress due to the nature of their work. At Cadence, we understand these struggles and are committed to providing solutions that make the executor journey more manageable.

Multi-User Collaboration helps executors overcome these challenges and find peace of mind through the support of others. Executorship is often seen as a solitary endeavor, with recognition only coming once the estate is settled. However, with Multi-User Collaboration, executors now have the opportunity to be recognized for the tremendous effort they put into their work. Whether it's receiving assistance with smaller or larger tasks, Cadence allows executors to share the Executor Assistant with tech-savvy individuals who can lend a helping hand.

This new feature also benefits our valued Cadence partners. By engaging more individuals with the Executor Assistant, our partners can expand their brand reach and introduce their valuable aftercare support services to a wider audience. With approximately 23.7% of executors encountering errors that lead to missed benefits, the need for redoing work, or repeated visits to offices, it becomes evident that collaboration among individuals with diverse skill sets can streamline the process for grieving executors.


With Multi-User Collaboration, Cadence continues to redefine the executor journey, empowering individuals to navigate the complex world of estate settlement with support, efficiency, and peace of mind. By connecting executors with those they trust and rely on, we aim to create a collaborative environment that eases the burden of estate settlement, increases lead-generation for our partners, and ensures a smoother aftercare experience for everyone involved.

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