Form Filler: Speeding Up A Historically Slow Process

Written by

Amy Liebaert

The burden of end-of-life paperwork

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, there are few tasks more difficult than managing the complex paperwork and financial obligations associated with settling their estate. The amount of paperwork required to process estate-related documents is immense, often leading to time-consuming hours spent filling out forms in solitude. By utilizing our innovative Form Filler technology, the traditionally slow process of completing documents and letters for estate closure becomes simpler than ever— allowing more time for meaningful connection with those who are grieving.

How technology has changed the form filling process

In the past, families had to fill out forms by hand or on the computer. The paper forms had to be printed, manually handled, and then sent to local authorities. Alternatively, digital forms had to be downloaded then filled out. This process was not only time-consuming but also error-prone, particularly if the handwriting was difficult to read or if spelling discrepancies were present. With our Form Filler technology, the process has changed significantly. Mundane and repetitive information is now auto-filled, so families can spend more time on other responsibilities, and those managing the process can expedite paperwork.

Prior to launching Form Filler, Cadence users were only able to fill digital letters. Now our users can easily complete government and PDF documents. The automation of Form Filler, available through our Executor Assistant, allows for a substantial amount of information to be easily saved, significantly reducing manual data entry and streamlining the process. 

The Executor Assistant has been able to save families the time and stress that comes with the execution process. Now with Form Filler, users are able to complete the process faster than ever - there is no longer a need to worry about filling out the same information over and over again.

Prioritizing Security

Cadence is committed to safeguarding client information while in our custody and control. Our database stores information using high level encryption, two-factor authentication, and industry-leading cloud based hosting systems. Fast-tracking the form filling process does not have to come at the cost of security: we keep private data safe and secure at all times. 


The traditional form filling process is slow and time consuming, making it a daunting task grieving families are forced to tackle. Thanks to Cadence’s new integration of Form Filler, users can save 320 hours of time on a traditionally tedious process. This software saves users time, reduces repetitive data entry, and ensures consistency without error,  further adding to the ease-of-use benefits our Executive Assistant offers. At Cadence, we believe grief is hard enough, that’s why we strive to make the journey just a bit easier for bereaved people. With Form Filler, families can focus on what matters most: healing and remembering their loved one.

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