The Story of Cadence

Written by

Rachel Drew

December 14, 2014, was the day my mom died. I sat by her side at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon, tears streaming down my face. I told her how much I loved her and left her with a kiss and gentle embrace. My heart broke as I said my last goodbye. I still needed her. I was not ready to let her go. As it goes with mortality, we do not have a choice. She was gone.

The months following were filled with unbearable grief and a new job that I did not want. I had to settle the estate. I was tasked with erasing the person I loved dearly and was still not ready to let go. It is not surprising this experience had a negative psychological impact. I felt isolated, uncertain, and defeated as I worked through the process with the generic guide I received.

Months passed and I was still struggling to navigate the complex process of estate settlement. Years passed and I realized the many places I went wrong and the things I had missed. It was a disaster! 

I knew that if I had this bad experience, other people likely have too. I began talking to friends, family and acquaintances and discovered that many people had similar challenges after losing a loved one. Some experienced significant emotional distress, family breakdowns, high legal and financial costs, and the list of negative outcomes goes on….

This is why I created the Cadence estate settlement software and concierge service. I believe that grief is already hard enough. I have dedicated my life to making estate administration simple to reduce unnecessary suffering. 

I was welcomed into Co.Labs, an accelerator in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where I began my journey into the world of technology. Since, we have partnered with law firms, funeral homes, financial advisors and bereavement specialists to provide much-needed aftercare support to their clients. 

Cadence is a simple solution to a complex problem. It was created by a team of estate professionals with love and understanding of the difficulties people face after losing a loved one.