What is a Certified Executor Advisor?

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At Cadence, we offer our software alongside the expert guidance of Certified Executor Advisors (CEAs). So what is a Certified Executor Advisor and how can they help?

What is a Certified Executor Advisor?

A Certified Executor Advisor is a designation offered by the Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors. It’s gives people a general but practical understanding of the estate transfer process. The training covers multiple modules related to estate settlement process, including financial aspects, property, trusts, benefits, and general executor duties. CEAs complete a final exam, which they need to pass with a minimum of 70%. In addition, they take 15 hours of continuing education each year. This  typically covers executor issues, estate planning, and federal and provincial legislative changes.

What does a Certified Executor Advisor do?

CEAs advise executors through the entire estate settlement process. They cannot act on behalf of the estate executor or administrator, but they can help their clients by offering guidance on a range of topics, including:

  • general executor duties
  • taxation
  • digital assets
  • complex estates
  • trusts
  • benefits & applications
  • common challenges for executors
  • timelines for accomplishing specific tasks

Do Certified Executor Advisors exist in the United States?

No, the United States does not currently have a parallel credential. 

Does Cadence employ Certified Executor Advisors?

We certainly do. Each of the members of our customer success team is a CEA and these professionals are available over email, direct message, and telephone. In fact, each of our co-founders and some members of our Product team are Certified Executor Advisors. We know that estate paperwork is often tricky to understand and that most people won’t be prepared for it until the moment they have to do it. That’s why we ensure our staff knows the key concepts, tasks, and processes needed by executors. With this expertise, we're able to provide the most accurate guidance and the most user-friendly experience.

Why would I use Cadence if I could just hire an Executor Advisor independently?

First, our software offers users the advantage of automation. The first step you’ll take in our website will be to provide details about yourself and the deceased, so that we can generate the tasks that are relevant to your situation. Using automated processes, we’re also able to generate letters and forms, saving you time and energy.

Second, we provide instructions, links, and explanations through our site, so you only need to reach out to a CEA if you get stuck. Instead of paying for an advisor by the hour, you get on-demand access to experts alongside a user-friendly, personalized roadmap - that way, you don’t have to wait around or pay extra to get the answers you need.

Finally, all of our processes and instructions have been implemented by Certified Executor Advisors. Since this expertise is incorporated into our questionnaire, knowledge base, task instructions, forms, and letters, you can be assured that your executor duties will be completed professionally and thoroughly (even if you take the self-guided route).

To speak with one of our experts, feel free to contact us.