National Funeral Director Recognition Day: Cadence's Commitment to Supporting Compassionate Care

Written by

Amy Liebaert

On National Funeral Director Day, we celebrate the dedication and everyday heroism of those who guide families through some of life’s most challenging moments. At Cadence, we recognize that the funeral profession is one of great importance, symbolizing not just an essential service, but a community pillar that carries immense emotional significance. In this article, we aim to shed light on the pivotal role funeral directors play while acknowledging Cadence's commitment to supporting their mission.

Funeral Directors and Their Pivotal Role

Funeral directors are more than just service providers; they are the compassionate caretakers that support families at their most vulnerable. Walking alongside families during the darkest hours, funeral directors offer guidance in service preparations, provide diverse resources to assist in arrangements, and serve as a reliable support system. With each service unique and personalized, funeral directors always ensure that commemorations of life are conducted with the utmost respect.

Through our partnerships with funeral directors, we have seen first hand the level of care and attention they willingly provide, often going above and beyond for grieving families. In many ways, funeral directors act as an anchor, providing solidity in a sea of emotional turbulence. Their calm demeanor and natural expertise in the end-of-life process delivers solace to those grieving and structure to what often feels like chaos.

Providing Additional Support Can Be Difficult

Leaving families when they begin to navigate the notorious complexities surrounding estate settlement journey proves to be a challenging experience for funeral directors. While connecting with families following a loss and being a constant support throughout the funeral arrangement, it is only natural to desire an extension of that service into their aftercare offerings. Though many funeral homes offer standardized checklists to families following an arrangement, funeral directors recognize that families deserve a level of guidance and support beyond what a folder can provide. However, time and resource constraints often make providing that ultimate level of support a difficult feat.  

Where Cadence Fits into Funeral Homes

Cadence provides the ultimate aftercare solution for funeral homes, bridging the traditional gap between arrangement and estate settlement support. Our mission is to provide the best quality human-supported aftercare service to your families, all through partnerships with trusted funeral homes. Acting as a natural extension, we seamlessly integrate our digital services with your existing care, ensuring a continuum of compassionate support even after families have completed the arrangement process. 

With Cadence, families can find a trusted service that is there for them through the practical and emotional demands that follow a loss. To achieve this, we provide a suite of holistic services including personalized estate settlement guidance through clearly articulated roadmaps, elevated grief coaching, individually focused advice from our certified estate experts, and an array of educational resources made with grieving families in mind. Our services and support structures are designed to complement your offerings, enriching the lives of the families you serve by lightening your load and simultaneously elevating the aftercare experience.

"We could tell that the people at Cadence care about the clients. They go above and beyond for the families they serve, which is what we’re all about. It makes for a good partnership."             - Morgan E., President of Saskatoon Funeral Home.


On National Funeral Director Day, and every day, we celebrate the incredible compassion funeral directors provide to the families they serve. Your dedication, care, and empathy do not go unnoticed. Cadence is committed to not just recognizing the integral role you play in society but actively supporting it to the best of our ability. We hope to continue to be a pivotal resource in furthering the phenomenal care funeral homes are known to provide, making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

If you are a funeral director who resonates with our mission, we invite you to book a consultation with a Cadence representative. Together, we can unfold new chapters of care for the families you support and grow a partnership that is as deep-rooted as the values we share.